Vicious Vector Illustration

Service Description

VECTOR ART! So crisp … so clean … so damned scalable. Why lock your art needs to a set pixel size when The Pickle from Hell can conjure up some sweet, sweet vector art for you? But this is no simple, flat cartoon shape … oh no, my friend. Depth, value, outrageous glory all in one slick package. And it's just for YOU, baby!

Summon Hellpickle! Here's how:
- Submit your Brief
- You will get a chance to approve black and white sketches before final color rendering begins
- Sit back and chill out while The Pickle weaves those funky X and Y coordinates into something magical for you.

When it's done you'll get a unique, original vector illustration saved in both Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats, as well as a high resolution JPG export of your final file.

Briefing Details

To summon The Pickle, you need to provide us with:
- A description of what you want your illustration to be
- What size you want the original art to be (typically up to 12x18, but it will be proportionately scalable)
- If there is a specific use this art is meant to achieve
- Any additional direction you care to provide



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