Animal Vector Illustration

Service Description

Hello there!

Are looking for a way to turn a simple animal photo into a unique piece of art? Do you like to be able to scale a standard photo into poster size while still have crisp clear details?

I'd love to hear your story and help you with the realization of your project!


The file formats you will receive:

- fully editable and resizable .eps-file (eps 8 - grouped colors)
- high resolution .jpg-file and .png-file (both min 5000 Pixel - suitable for printing)
- smaller .jpg-file (max 800 Pixel - suitable for display on the Web)
- other file formats if needed


Briefing Details

To get started as soon as possible, I will need the following files and info from you:

- the picture that you want to have vectorized in highest possible resolution

- send me pictures of additional details if you want to have them added in your illustration (e.g. you want your dog to wear a specific collar that is not in the original photo. Just send me a good photo of that collar and I will add it to your illustration)

- tell me if you want to have some details changed (e.g. in your photo the dog has its ears pinned back, but you want to have them stand up in your illustration)

With all the info and files provided, I will start right away to make your illustration come to life.