Video Production with Editing and Visual Effects

Service Description

We will shoot your video with our 5-step process and will integrate visual effects as well.

We have the capacity to do many visual effects including graphics work.

The five step process is as follows:

Development - You contact us regarding your project. We advise your script revisions.

Pre-production - We collect and make arrangements for all production needs including actors, locations, visual effects needs, etc.

Production - We shoot the video and create the visual effects.

Post-production - We edit all of the assets together into a comprehensive finished product.

Distribution - We send you an electronic copy of your video.

We hope to hear from you regarding this product!

Briefing Details

We draft a script to correlate with your ideas.

We will work with you until we finalize the script.

Once finalized, we complete the work and send you a proof.

We allow changes to the video.