Fix & Improve Your Video Footage using Industry Grade Tools & Methods

Service Description

We've all made mistakes on a video or film shoot which we have to fix in post. Most editors have been given footage with problems, too.

I have film industry grade tools and countless thousands of hours of experience fixing issues in video footage at a professional level. Some of the tools I use have been bought at great expense and remain unavailable to the average end user, to say nothing of the learning curves involved in using them. It occurred to me that I could do well to share my expertise in this area, and voila, this service was born.

In the words of Schwarzenegger, champions do extra. This is a low cost way of squeezing that extra 10% out of your footage and making it look totally pro.

--- For the price listed ---

+ Up to 5 clips or 60 seconds of footage. Message if more.
+ Advanced camera stabilization. RIP Camera Shake.
+ Noise Removal, Noise Reduction, Noise Addition (real 35mm film grain). I can do it all.
+ White Balance Correction.
+ Black & White level fixing if desired.
+ Sharpening
+ Up-scaling Footage to HD (not a magic wand but it can certainly be an improvement).

There are industry wide agreed "correct" choices when it comes to footage stability, grain handling, white balance and levels. This isn't a colour grading or creative video editing service. Instead, think of it as a "footage preparation" service. The services offered are fairly technical in nature - I will only 'fix' technical problems, not make editorial decisions per say. Having said that, I go much further than simply slapping on effects. Every shot will be assessed on it's own and with scrutiny. I will communicate my recommendations to you before proceeding.

If you need anything more advanced, think: boom shadow removal, cosmetic VFX work, please message me.

Google my name "John Andrew Cameron IMDB" to check out some of my credentials! I'm well established here on EnvatoStudio, too.

Let's do it!

Briefing Details

1. Message me to talk about your clips & specs
2. Send clips via DropBox or WeTransfer
3. Communicate with me
4. Recieve files back, lossless or as required