Professional Cinemagraphs

Service Description

Welcome and thank you for choosing my services!

- You don't know how to make a Cinemagraphs ?

- You don't have the time to make a Cinemagraphs ?

This is the professional service perfect for you!
I'm a Videohive author and I can edit or customise or make a professional Cinemagraphs for you.

The service includes:

- Two Cinemagraphs from your videos that you provide
- Color correction or modifications
- Adding music (that you provide)

The service Don't include:

- Music

Briefing Details

Simply Give me:

- Your video
- Description of what you want to change or bring to life in the project.
- The format that you need: Web Sites, YouTube, Vimeo, App
- Your audio (that you provide)

Formats that will be delivered to you will be:
I will render the project for you and I will send you a optimized video file in any format that you will choose.

QuickTime, H264, Gif.

If you need it in any other format just ask!

About Me
Over 20 years of experience I'm absolutely passionate
in my work! I'm an experienced designer who's been working
on projects for any kind of industry.

- Support in English and Italian

Some of my works: