77-Photo Memorial Slideshow

Service Description

Commemorate any special event or tribute.
I shot this drone footage in June of 2017 while hiking in the gorgeous Republic of Georgia.
I will digitally insert up to 77 of your own photos or video clips into this footage.

All you have to do is select, and send me the photos! :D

*The video preview video on this page is a short demo version. To view the full video of what you are purchasing, please visit:


Royalty-free Music track included!

Thanks and I look forward to working with you to commemorate your project.

Briefing Details

Simply upload 77 pictures you love, and I take care of the rest. You will receive the final render within 24-48 hours.

If you would like a specific order for you photos to show up in the video, number your photos 1-77 like this:

Photo 1.jpg
Photo 2.jpg
Photo 3.jpg

You'll shortly receive a link to the fully-rendered 4K video in whatever format you wish, typically an h.264 mp4.

The opening and closing text is also fully customizable, if desired.
Royalty-free music included!