Nature Frames: Riverbed (4K photo-replacement)

Service Description

Commemorate any special event with my newest project, Nature Frames: Riverbed.
I shot this in Washington State in the Summer of 2016. I set up photo frames in scenic locations around the river and shot them in 4K, and applied the motion tracking in After Effects.
The reflections over the photographs are real, adding to the effect.

The preview video on this page is a short demo version. To view the full video of what you are purchasing, please visit:

*note, I have been known to help out those in need. Just send me a message, and it's entirely possible that I'll cut you a good/free deal on this template, just ask. :)

Briefing Details

Simply upload 19 pictures you love, and I take care of the rest. You will receive the final render within 24 hours, typically much sooner.
Please number your photos 1-19, and they will display chronologically as shown in the video.
You'll shortly receive a link to the fully-rendered 1080p video in whatever format you wish, typically an h.264.

Please note that the music track featured in the demo video is not included in your purchase.