Professional Film & Video Editing

Service Description


i´m a 24 year old Filmmaker.

My Focus lays on Cinematic, Event, Automotive & Police/Military themed work.

I DON´T conduct animating/animations, VFX and other kind of computer generated imagery.

This Service will offers a full Editing Package, meaning cutting, looking for a proper Soundtrack and optimizing the final Edit.

I recommend getting in touch with me before you order, that way you can get all your Questions answered.

AGAIN! NO 3D, VFX, animations & CGI!
If you have purchased AE Templates for VH, these i can render and do some basic changes for like putting in your desired logo, but thats it when it comes to VFX work.

I will try to respond as soon as possible, still keep in mind my timezone; GMT/UTC +1 (Germany).

The price means starting at ... ! A smaller workload will of course lower the price, high workload rise it.

Since i´m an actual Filmmaker, i can also do shootings. This includes up to 4K Film.


Briefing Details

First and most, i would need the Footage. If you have other assets already available, you can send these too. Else i can go and find for proper ones matching your projects, the costs of them would be added into the final price.

Feel free to include notes and other helpfull resources which i can have a look at.