Professional Quality Motion Graphics and Video Animation

Service Description

30-Second Package

Are you creating the new killer app or need to describe a complex process simply? You need a customized, animated, voiceover-supported explainer video to market your hard work or gain investors.

We specialize in taking your hard-won concept, and letting the masses know about it.

Provide us with a comprehensive script and any artwork or logos, and we concept, create, and animate the whole video, start to finish.

Our creatives have been working on the cutting edge of the online and broadcast ad industry for 5 years, and know how to market your product.

We deliver the finalized explainer animation in whatever video format you wish.

Briefing Details

Please be extremely detailed in your brief. In order to successfully pull off the best explainer video possible, we need to have as much specific information as possible.
We will review your brief and concept and begin a discussion with you detailing the exact direction of your project before we enter the animation phase.
Please inquire about any questions!