British Female Voiceover for promotional film (up to 3 minutes)

Service Description

Want a classic British voice for your online film? Why not have a voice synonymous with London - the voice of more than 6,000 announcements for London's buses and trains?

I'm offering broadcast quality voiceover for your online promotional film or animation - up to 3 minutes in length (up to 450 words).

Receive wav or mp3 files (or most other audio formats) - and if anything's not quite right, retakes are included. Let's make sure you get the audio you want!

Delivery time may be quicker - I've put 2 days to cover time differences. Please note delivery of 2 days refers to Monday to Friday working.

Additional services are available at a custom price - ie longer scripts, e-learning projects, mixing over music, listen in to the recording session to direct etc. These may incur an additional charge, so please enquire.

Briefing Details

Send through your final approved English language script (up to 450 words).

Please make every effort to have a 'final' script prior to having the voiceover recorded.

Give me your directions - be as clear as possible about how you want your finished audio to sound (not just what you don't want it to sound like). Flag up something on my demo that sounds just right ... or link me to audio that you want me to base my take on.

Please note that additional services other than the voiceover, such as mixing over music may incur an additional charge.

Also amends requested after the job has been finalised/ submitted may incur an additional charge.