American Female Voiceover For Web Explainer Videos

Service Description

You've found the PERFECT product promo, typography or web explainer video from Videohive....but it's missing something. A VOICE! Gone are the days where you have to:

1) Find an agency
2) Audition and cast talent
3) Play the waiting game

This is what one stop shopping is all about! I can deliver your message with great efficiency and connectability. Through the perfect voiceover, your project can excite people, teach them, comfort them, touch their heart or even make them laugh. Humanize your project with the perfect voice!


Briefing Details

You have complete customized your video file. (Up to 1 minute) You have written your script and it is complete with all of the correct information and phonetic spellings of words that may be difficult to pronounce. Check it twice! The completed voiceover will be e-mailed back to you as an MP3 file. (128 kbps)