Professional Voice Actor for Cartoons, Games & Videos

Service Description

From Krazy Kartoons Studios, a professional In-House-Production Studio:
Alon Dan is a professional music producer, animator and lead Voice Actor for many cartoons, songs, voice overs projects with experience in the industry since 2006!

With his colorful variation of voices and weird accent you will get the most unique result unlike any other "ordinary" voice actors which everyone hear again and again with the same boring voices.

Alon will provide you a funny, insane unique voice acting for your Cartoon Characters, or will do Voice Over for your upcoming project.

If you're looking for a special colorful Voice Over... you just found the source for the most amazing result you can get!
We have lots of examples for you to hear for yourself!

This service is for minimum 60 seconds of recording.

Briefing Details

We need your final version of the script delivered in PDF or Word file.
If you have a specific direction of HOW to say a specific line you can add this above the line:
[Person A scream in Panic on Person B]

If you're interested in original voice acting for your cartoon / animation / movie make sure you're sending an Animatic (early stage of the project) in a compressed MP4, MPG, MOV or AVI video file format to follow while recording.