Up to 2 Min American Male V.O

Service Description

This service is for recording a script of 2 Minutes or less (approx 360 words)
I am in the studio Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST to deliver the professional results your project deserves.
A few guidelines:
The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it is to give you the read you need.
If you have a style in mind sending a sample recording or video is very helpful
This service includes the following:
My studio fee
Script preparation (pronunciation, annotation etc.)
Professional, noise-free recording
Editing- removing breaths, mistakes and noises
Quality control (proof-listening)
Up to 2 revisions to get the sound you are looking for. Revisions do not include changes to scripts and are only available until the job is finalized. After approval revised reads are available for a fee depending on the changes requested
Uploading of audio, in the format of your choice i.e MP3, WAV, and Bit Depth of your choice.
I do NOT provide production services such as Music, Sound FX or video services.


Briefing Details

To get your project started please send a final copy of your script ready to record,any changes to the copy can result in additional charges. Include any direction such as attitude, timing, tempo to give me an idea of the type of read you are looking for. If there are any specifics on how you want phone numbers, years area codes and addresses read type it out the way you want it read such as for the phone number 555-1212 do you want (five, five, five, one, two, one, two) or (five fifty five, twelve twelve). Let me know how you would like a price to be read. Dollars, bucks, dollars and cents ect. I will provide a clean edited VO ready for use. I do not offer production services such as sound EFX or music and do not work on video.