Explainer Video Voice Over, 250 Words

Service Description

David Tyler is a full time, accomplished voice over artist who works out of his professionally equipped studio in Montreal, Canada.

His voice is described as "youthful yet bold and commanding".

David specializes in voice over for explainer videos, eLearning, commercials, documentaries...as well as TV promo and radio imaging. He is the network voice of CTV News in Canada.

He has voiced corporate and training videos for Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, NAPA, Glaxo Smith Klein, Easton and the NCAA.

Final audio can be delivered as high quality .WAV, .AIFF or .MP3 files.

Hire David Tyler to bring your ideas to life!


Briefing Details

Send your final and approved script in 12-point, double spaced text.

Include a description of the style of the read you're looking for or a link to something as an example.

Indicate your preferred file format (.WAV, .AIFF, .MP3)