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Voicemail Recording Service: 250 words

Service Description

Do you need a professional voicemail recording for your business or personal phone?

Many times, a voicemail may be the first impression your potential clients get when they call your business. So it's important to have the right professional voice there to greet them and a clear voice to give them directions.

I have over ten years of voice over experience that I can bring to you with this service to record your voicemail, IVR or phone system messages in an American accent. I can also offer a Southern American Accent.

I have a wide vocal range I can offer as well from girl next door to conversational, corporate, attractive or an executive tone.

I'm also happy to discuss any custom orders. I offer a few extras for this service as well, so check those out!

*I will not record adult, religious content, or swearing.


Briefing Details

Please include your final script and specifics on the type of style, tone and pace you want. Please note delivering in separate files is an extra. So please order that if needed.