US Male Voiceovers up to 2:00 Non-Broadcast - Confident, Clear, Reliable

Service Description

As no stranger to professional production, I have been using my voice to communicate on stage and on air for over 20 years. I'm a veteran of broadcast and multimedia production and very confident in my ability to deliver. I specialize in providing a deep, confident, clear and reliable voiceover: but most importantly a professional experience.

I pride myself on being easy to direct and a pleasure to work with and will deliver what you WANT and NEED in a voice performance. My services include very fast turnaround (usually within 24 hours or less) on most projects and I operate full time from my isolated vocal booth in my professional studio with the top studio microphones and gear! I can deliver mp3, wav, aif or any other format you desire.


Briefing Details

To get started I just need a completed script and any directions on delivery. It's always helpful to be descriptive on style and pacing, make any notes on words or phrases you want to emphasize and include any pronunciation notes.

Many will find a link to a "sound alike" voice from a video on youtube helpful if they are having trouble putting their directions into words.