Professional Voiceover Services - 1000 words - Deep and clear, British accent

Service Description

I'm a professional voiceover artist, a former BBC News presenter, with my own broadcast quality studio in the UK. I have a deep, clear voice with a British accent but also offer "international" or "mid-Atlantic" accent, and many character voices for drama and video game projects! Please listen and choose from the voice styles on the Envato video screen above, but if you'd like to download the full set for your files as mp3 files, please use this link, then tell me when your order - as an example: "Please use the voice style on "Documentary" at 1'08") DOWNLOAD DETAILED FREE VOICE SHOWREELS HERE:

My special Envato rate of up to 1000 words for the fee includes all rights in all media, apart from UK TV and radio broadcasting. You will receive a 24 bit studio wav file and an mp3 copy. Longer scripts? Ask me for a quote! Do you need me in-vision, presenting your script in a TV News studio? I also have this offer on Envato:

I have over 30 years of experience over a wide range of commercials, documentaries, training films and radio idents. I have also been quite a few characters in video games as well as recording countless audio books. I have great Envato feedback. Try me out for your next project!

Best wishes


Briefing Details

Let me have your fully checked script and also the style, accent and speed you are looking for. Maybe give me a link to a "sound" you like on one of my showreels - or another voice you like. Don't forget to tell me about how to say unusual names - much appreciated. Either give me links or send me an audio file with you saying the words VERY slowly. Thank you!

If you'd like to download the fullset of free sample mp3 showreels, please use this link, then tell me when your order: "Please use the voice style on "Documentary" at 1'08" - as an example!) DOWNLOAD DETAILED FREE VOICE SHOWREELS HERE: