30 Minutes of Professional Male Voiceover Narration

Service Description

You will hear Cam's voice every day on radios and TV's everywhere for clients like The Food Network, Pandora, Hardee's, Honda, Zappos, The CW Network, Lowe's, ExxonMobil and more!

Cam helps tell your story. If you have a story about a product, a documentary, or a fictional story with animated characters... Cam can help. If you have a regional pronunciation or accent need, we can probably help...just ask! All vocals are recorded in a professional studio with state of the art equipment including Sennheiser MKH-416, Avalon 737 preamp, and Adobe Audition DAW.

Our Envato rate includes all rights in all media, except TV and radio broadcasting.


Briefing Details

30 minutes of professional narration for e-Learning, online training, or internal corporate use.

Please provide the following info:

1. A final script including any special pronunciations I may need.
2. Your preferred style (conversational, loud, friendly, upbeat, announcer, etc)
3. In format you would like the file delivered (mp3, wav, aiff)
4. Your Deadline
5. I have Source Connect, IpDTL, and phone patch if you would like to connect for the session. We can work out a time and connect remotely if you wish.

Please specify where and how the project will be distributed. I reserve the right to refuse recording of certain content. No pornographic or adult themes, please.