Google Adsense Banner Package

Service Description

Looking for a graphics bundle for your Adwords content ads? I'm here for you. Let me design a set of effective banners/graphics for your campaign in the sizes below:
468x60 Full Banner
120x60 Button
120x600 Skyscraper
160x600 Wide Skyscraper
120x240 Vertical Banner
125x125 Square Button
234x60 Half Banner
300x250 Medium Rectangle

Actually get RESULTS with your hard earned advertising dollars. Order today and let's get started!

Briefing Details

Please send me the following:

1. What site or product is the graphic for?
2. What would you like the graphics to say?
3. What main colors do you want the graphic to be?
4. What is your ideal vision of what you want to covey with the graphics?