Responsive Navigation Development for HTML Websites

Service Description

This is a navigation development service for HTML sites. The navigation component will be built using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. The component will be built using the best development practices and will be ready for mobile devices and desktops.

The types of navigation menus available are:

- Simple navigation bar
- Navigation bar with buttons, logo or brand text
- Navigation bar with search panel
- Navigation bar with dropdowns
- Navigation bar with megamenus and tabs
- Multiple javascript options for customizing the menu
- Fixed navigation bar (ideal for landing pages)
- Navigation bar with Scrollspy functionality
- Offcanvas or Collapse (mobile)

* The component will be compatible with BOOTSTRAP *


Briefing Details

Information you need to provide me:

- A description of the type of navigation and the desired functionalities
- The desired color scheme (bar color, font color, etc.)

The process:

1. Prototype with the information you gave me
2. Development after feedback
3. Final changes and refinements
4. Final delivery

What do you get?

- HTML, Javascript and CSS files required to use the component
- Guide to installing the component on your HTML site