Service Description

An email signature adds context to your emails, especially if you’re interacting with someone for the very first time. Or perhaps you’re trying to set up a meeting. By putting your office address and phone number or even a link to appointment slots in your signature, you can avoid the back and forth of scheduling.

Briefing Details

Well first and foremost, your signature should look great. A poorly designed signature can seem unprofessional. It’s not hard to create a nice looking signature, but people seldom take the time to do so. Second, your signature should be useful. You could have the best looking signature out there, but if it doesn’t include information like your work and / or mobile numbers, your office address and your email, it’s really not serving any purpose. And lastly, signatures need to be consistent. Whether this is a job left to the Marketing department or an IT admin, signatures should be standardized across your entire company.