High Quality Website Content - One Page

Service Description

With more and more websites and businesses to compete with, it is increasingly important to develop clear, concise and effective content on your website. Poorly written content creates a bad impression and can undermine the professionalism of your business. Get it right the first time with professionally written content that will help your business stand out in the market.

Whatever business you are in, I can create high quality and engaging content that speaks directly to your target audience. In addition to understanding the importance of communicating directly to your target audience, I also understand the importance of maintaining your brand. That is why I will tailor my content to stay true to the tone and personality of your company.

In addition to researching your brand and your target audience, I will conduct research to understand your competition and ensure that your website content stands out from what everyone else is doing.

I will also ensure that your website content contains all relevant information while remaining concise and interesting. The content I create will call your target market to action and help you achieve the intended outcome.

And last but not least, my profound grasp on the English language and close attention to detail will guarantee the content is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

I can write in both British and American English.

This service is for one page (e.g. About page) of website content up to 500 words.

** You'll receive your content as an editable Word document

** Please note that while I will endeavour to stick to it as closely as possible, the time frame given is a guide only. The actual amount of time for completion will depend on the scope of the work, amount of research, number of revisions, etc. Please let me know before we begin if you are working to a strict deadline.


Briefing Details

To help me create the perfect content for your website, please provide me with as much relevant information as possible. Existing content or a comprehensive overview of what you want to say will greatly aid me in getting your message across.

Please also let me know what tone and personality you would like to convey, and whether you would like your website content in American or British English.