Professional Website Content Refresh

Service Description

A full review of 3 pages of your site is included in this package.

This refresh consists of an in-depth overview of your website page by page, line by line.

During the process, I will create a document for you. Upon completion of the review, I will send you the document for future reference. This will enable you to make the necessary changes to your website.

The document will include suggested changes, potential new wording, blatant punctuation issues, "fuzzy" terms, or other language issues that are not clear.

This is not just a "helicopter overview" but a rigorous study of your website pages and how the language can be strengthened and improved.

*Please note that the website review includes only three (3) pages of your website's content. These can be any pages you'd like reviewed.

Recommended pages:
-Home page
-Services or Products page
-Most recent blog post


Briefing Details

Ready to get started? Here's what I will need:

1) A preview of your website.
2) Which three pages you would like reviewed.
3) If there are any particularly important or "sticky" areas that are causing you anxiety.
4) Any other online content you produce so that I can get a good feel for your "voice" online (optional but helpful).