Professional Listicle - List Article

Service Description

By choosing our service you will get a professional written Listicle for your blog, based on the products you want to emphasise. We acknowledge the importance of a well written piece of content on a blog and we are here to help you decrease your bounce rate/exit rate and keep your audience engaged.

What will you get for the fixed price?

A professional list article with valuable content, written in English, having the length of 900 words - 6 products with a description of 150 words each. However, if you would like more products, you can opt for the extra services you will find below.


Briefing Details

There are some pieces of information we need from you in order to provide a suitable article for your blog.

- Target audience
- The List of Items (if you have one)
- Keywords and Subject
- Any other piece of information that you believe it is mandatory to be included in the article or that will help us better understand the subject.

Delivery: You will receive the article in an editable format ( Microsoft Word or Pages) as well as a PDF if requested. Moreover, we can guarantee that you will receive your content on time and ready for posting!

We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

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