Service Description

We all know that how can a improper Wordpress Custom site can create problem & slow your site down like hell . For that we have all the solutions & tweaks need to speed up your website . We would help you to atleast speed up your site by 35 - 40% because it depends on all other conditions like hosting, content, CDN etc .

Service Includes -

- We would suggest you compatible shared, VPS, Dedicated hosting suitable for your website .
- We would suggest you a suitable CNDN network to manage your media & theme files
- We would help your site in caching using minified & compressing your css & other javascript files
- Would help you to cache site feeds, database, search engine results, database objects, objects in memory
- Would help you to speed up the loading time of pages & post
- Would help you to configure your hosting & CDN network

Briefing Details

We would be need your site admin access before we start this process . We would analyze your site & would suggest you all the necessary measures that you would required to carry to speed up your site .