Make Your Site a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly, Google-Compliant Website

Service Description

If your site isn't responsive (viewable on various screen/device sizes, like tablets and mobile/cell phones), Google won't rank your site as high as responsive, compliant sites with the same content.

I will rework your html and css—and your PHP if you've got a WordPress site—into a mobile-friendly, responsive site so Google will rank you properly again, and so more people on more devices can view your site the way you intended them to.

Not sure if it's already responsive? View it on a tablet or cell phone, or shrink the browser window—if the layout still looks good, is clean, clear and readable, with all of the information in the right order, then it's already responsive. Otherwise… let me help you fix your code!

Includes up to ten (10) hours of development time, or five pages plus the homepage.

Briefing Details

Send me a link to your site so I can confirm: a) that it needs to be done; and b) that it can be done within the timeframe. Otherwise I can give you a custom quote.