Optimise and/or Customise Your Website

Service Description

If your website is to serve you well, it must do more than look good, it must be fast, bug free and well optimised. The way your site behaves will impact the light your users see your company in, where a slow, messy website will be associated with an equally complicated and difficult company to avoid, whereas a fast and clean website will gain users’ trust and make them feel in the right place.

We can help with things like:

- Fix bugs and ensure all the features your website has are implemented correctly.
- Reduce page load time.
- Improve performance (fix broken scrips may hold your site back, remove render blocking JavaScript, etc.).
- Optimise resources (images, fonts, JS and CSS files)
- Optimise caches
- Secure your website against attacks or malpractice (users misusing a certain feature).

We could also help you build new features or restructure your website, although we should point out that this will cost significantly more.

Briefing Details

We'll need access to your host as well as a list of the biggest problems you experience. We will then send you a report with what solutions we are proposing, what other problems we noticed and what optimisations we can do, tell you how much it's going to cost and how long it should take.