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Service Description

I am Mirza, a HTML Website Speed Optimization Expert from Bangladesh. If you are reading this, that means Me and My Work have already set a positive impact on your mind. So, to impress you a bit more, let me show you some of my work first:

https://www.audionectar.com (Check the speed on Gtmetrix)

Hopefully, you will like them.


Now, This service of mine includes the following:

+ Provide an Overall Existing Status of your HTML Website's Speed based on different online tool
+ Boosting Google PageSpeed score gtmetrix.com up-to 85-95%.
+ Boosting Y-SLOW Score up-to 70-80%.
+ Provide a Improved Comparison Report.

[For Boosting Speed of Mobile version order the Extra below]


Here is a summary what I will do:

- Enable file Caching.
- Enabling Gzip compression.
- Optimize database.
- Enable Browser caching / Leverage Browser caching
- Manual reduction big images size without losing quality.
- Connect to Cloudflare CDN
- Remove query strings from static resources
- Avoid and Fixing Bad Requests
- Configuring ETags
- Make fewer HTTP requests


Need More Work?

+ I have several Other Services: (https://studio.envato.com/users/hasanet)
+ Or Check these Extras:


Briefing Details

① Domain Name

② FTP Login