Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for eCommerce

Service Description

You spend a lot of money on advertising, but do not get the expected results? There is no online business that has not encountered this problem. We can help you to change this by discovering the mistakes you have made when designing your website and drafting recommendations to improve the usability of your online store. Our experience proves that with minimal improvements, your conversion rate can increase by 30% to 800%.

When purchasing this service you receive audit and recommendations in the following 5 areas:

1. Testing the usability and design of your online store (homepage, catalog, product page, info pages, shopping cart, checkout) by expert with over 6 years of experience in UX/UI design. Often developers make simple mistakes that make users unable to complete their orders quickly and easily. In this case, the business loses real profit without suspicion.

2. Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest - Search engines often punch websites for slow loading, this may be due to overly heavy images or poorly written scripts. In this case, you will get information about your website speed and optimization recommendations (for example: need to compress product images, use SVG instead of PNG or JPG, need to exclude unnecessary content for mobile devices, etc.)

3. Content Optimization Recommendations - Content is the main reason for poor/good ranking of your website in Google search engine. Content must be adequately served to the client, especially most important details. We will make recommendations for the proper structuring and serving of content for products and categories so that it is useful to customers and search engines.

4. Test the design via mobile devices. We will perform test orders and simulations across the 15 most used mobile devices. In almost all cases, we find problems that our customers do not suspect (for example: that their site does not work via a tablet). Globally around 70% of the internet traffic is mobile.

5. Recommendations to improve product performance - the product you sell should be presented in the best possible way. We will apply design edits to your product page or give advice on how to make it more fresh, attractive and more efficient.

We do not sell a ready-made template with recommendations! We pay attention to each project individually and draw up a list of recommendations that can increase sales in the short term.

Briefing Details

To complete the service we need only domain address (we do not need access to back-end or server)