Service Description

I will customize and tweak an HTML/CSS or WordPress template to suit your business, personal, or organization's needs. I've found, after more than 5 years of designing websites professionally, that clients would often like me to give them template choices and then let them choose a design.

I was always happy to save time by not having to manually code, and they were happy to save money by not paying for a from-scratch design.

Now with the advent of websites like, it's become easier than ever to pick a design, but the hard part often comes when you have to code in your information, images, and content. I'll make it easy and carefully place your business information in all the right places to give you a website that will outshine, outperform, and outstand your competition!

Briefing Details

Please send a .ZIP file or download link to all your design materials. If possible, organize page content into different folders (e.g. Homepage, Contact, About, etc.)

I will also need a copy or download link either of the template you have a license for, or the website where the template can be freely downloaded from (e.g.

Please remember, you are responsible for all content and must have licenses or copyright ownership for everything you include.