Import custom data (CSV, XML, SQL, database, website content) to WordPress

Service Description

Have a huge amount of data you want to import to WordPress?

Posts, taxonomies, thumbnails, products, listings - I'll import anything.

I use professional import software, my own code when import needs special actions, and high-power virtual servers if the data is really big.

As data source I can use:
- Files (CSV, XLS, XML, any other structured files);
- Databases (MySQL, SQLite);
- Websites, if you need move its content (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other on demand).

Also please consider limitations of this service:
- Up to 30000 items if you need import from file
- Up to 20000 items if you need import from database
- Up to 5000 items if you need import from website

If you need more please make another order or propose a custom job.


Briefing Details

All I need to start work is:
1. Access to your data (hosting or DB access credentials, file with data)
2. Detailed information on what and where should be moved