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Joomla Plugin to WordPress Plugin Conversion

Service Description

This service will take existing Joomla! Component, Modules and/or Plugins and convert them into a installable WordPress Plugin. The service is intended to make WordPress clones of Joomla Extensions for person's interested in converting their current site functionality and data from Joomla to WordPress.

- Extension's MVC formats will be converted into easier to follow OOP format.
- URL retention for SEO purposes can be retained or a 301 redirect script can be included for maintaing Search Engine Ranking
- Documentation of use can be included

*This is not a Joomla Template to WordPress service*

Briefing Details

To get started, one will require the following
- Name and overview of the current features of extension to be converted
- FTP and Database Access or a copy of the extension
- List of additional requirements for new plugin

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1 Job done
10 days