HTML/PHP/Static/Custom Site to Wordpress CMS Site

Service Description

Are you currently using old template based, non-responsive, custom coded, pay per month platforms, etc and want to move over Wordpress platform which runs over 5% of entire internet.

I believe if you are reading this, you have already made up the mind to switch to Best Open Source CMS platform, yes Wordpress!

Let me help you make the switch. I will convert your existing site (or idea) to a new shiny Wordpress based site using theme of your choice. Just send me a message or your query.

The cost is for basic 5 page website. You buy & own the theme, plugins (if required), domain, hosting, etc.

Briefing Details

Please send me all details, most important being
- Existing site URL
- Theme
- Basic requirements (design change, exclude or include pages)
- Social Media URLs (if required).