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Convert HTML Site to Fully Functional WordPress Theme

Service Description

Over the past 10 years, we have converted clients existing website to WordPress. Our team has completed a number of conversions from HTML to WordPress for clients all over the world. We will hand you back a pixel for pixel representation of your existing site - ready for you to enter the content.

For this service I will take your HTML site code and convert it to a fully functional, custom WordPress theme. This theme will be build from your exact code using the latest WordPress coding standards, utilizing every aspect and power of its ever-evolving platform.

You can review some of our previous client work at our website: http://www.314media.com

Briefing Details

To get started, I will need a folder of all HTML code and images associated with your site. If you do not have that, we can preform a site-rip and gather those items from your live website.

After that, we will work our magic, and hand back to you an awesome, 100% custom WordPress theme from your existing website code.