HTML website into Wordpress

Service Description

Hi, I'm David web developer and designer.

I am ThemeForest author who makes Emails and Wordpress themes. Right now I work with amazing team on ThemeForest and we're Elite users, and our design and code are trusted by thousands of people around the world.

What this service offers?
1. 10 HTML pages converted into Fully responsive Wordpress website

2. Free SEO setup - With this setup you'll have full control to set up how Google sees your website and your website will rank higher in search results

3. Free Performance setup - let your website be blazing fast, and visitors will appreciate it. This setup will speed up all the scripts, reduce images, and cache your website to ensure maximum performance

4. Free Security setup - While Wordpress is used by millions that means that it gets attacked by viruses and hackers more then any CMS. When someone hacks your website you can lose all your data and with this setup I can ensure that it won't happen

5. Free theme and content installation - In case that you have hosting plan, I will install Wordpress (in case you don't have it) and install website that I made on your website.

6. Free Google Analytics integration


Briefing Details

1. Deliver full HTML package with CSS and JS and all the images
2. Let me know if you have some special requests