Moving WordPress Website To A New Server

Service Description

Moving a WordPress Website to a new server.

The website in question will be moved to a new server of your choice.
Including database and all assets.
We will check if the transfer will be possible.

It is important that you send all the necessary information mentioned in briefing guidelines to move the site correctly.
Website will be the same after moving, but now on new server.
If you need further customization, please book my additional services.
Please understand that customization beyond this description is TBD.

If there are issues during migration due to server compatibility that causes the migration to take more than 1 hour, it is my typical hour rate after that.

Briefing Details

- Full brief on work required
- the new domain and database entries will be corrected
- need the old and new domain name
- FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info of both servers (old & new)
- WordPress Admin Info
- Delivery timeframe, if different from my standard