Joomla to WordPress Migration

Service Description

You want to move your website from one CMS to another and you decided WordPress to be your new CMS. This is a good decision, because we use WordPress to help our customers to reaching their goals.

You want all your data and media copied into your new WordPress site.

You want your Menu to have the same entries as the old one had.

You want alle pages to be present as they were.

And now with WordPress. We can do that for you.

Please check the Briefing guidelines and trigger the buy button. After we have received all necessary information, you'll have your site working with WordPress 5 days later.

Briefing Details

We'd need:

- Administrator credentials to your hosting provider (where your Joomla and WordPress site are hosted)
- Administrator credentials to your Joomla website and database
- Administrator credentials to your existing and newly installed WordPress website and database