Wix to WordPress or PSD to WordPress

Service Description

Do you have PSD or Wix website?

We're here to onboard you to your new shiny WordPress website from Wix or PSD design.

We can migrate your WIX Site to WordPress in no time including all the Pages, Posts, Images and Navigation will migrate to your new WordPress site where you can edit and manage your website efficiently.

Why choosing WordPress?

38% of websites are using WordPress, Why not you?

“Whether it's personal blogs or major magazines and news organizations such as The New Yorker and the BBC, WordPress is gradually eating the internet and it's not stopping. In 2017 its ubiquity is expected to increase further and it may even eat the world. Even more importantly it is the CMS that Forbes itself uses.” – Forbes:


Why WordPress is better than WIX?

--> WordPress is SEO Friendly and can customize your SEO the way you want
--> WordPress is Customizable, You can even re-design the whole WordPress theme
--> WordPress developers are widely available
--> WordPress is self-hosted CMS, Host it where you want
--> WordPress have numerous number of free plugins
--> WordPress is completely FREE unlike WIX have plenty of ways to charge its customers

Why choosing us ?

*Envato handpicked Expert Developers
*Premium Support
*Quality Assurance
*Not Satisfy! Money-Back Guarantee


Briefing Details

FOR PSD, What details we need to bring your statid design to WordPress?

1- Your PSD Design file
2- Your hosting login details
3- WordPress theme that you want to use(Premium themes client will purchase)

FOR WIX, What details we need to migrate your WIX site to WordPress?

1- Your Wix Account/Site login details
2- WordPress theme that you want to use(Premium themes client will purchase)
3- Hosting login details like: cPanel, Godaddy or BlueHost what you have