Migrate Website or CMS to WordPress CMS

Service Description

Convert your current website (built on any CMS) to a fully functional, dynamic, theme based WordPress website.

- Drupal to WordPress
- Joomla to WordPress
- Magento to WordPress
- TYPO3 to WordPress
- Wix to WordPress
- PHP to WordPress
- HTML to WordPress
- Website to WordPress
- Weebly to WordPress
- Squarespace to WordPress
- Any Site builder to WordPress

What all do we migrate:
- Pages: All the pages on your current website
- Images: All the site images corresponding to their respective content
- Menu Items: All the links to different sections of your current site
- Metadata: All the meta keywords, titles and descriptions
- 301 Redirects: We redirect all your existing URLs to new ones to retain the SEO effort
- SEO Tags: SEO title, keywords, description of pages & posts of your existing website
- Posts: All the posts on your current website

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your specific requirements or queries, Thank you!


Briefing Details

Before we start, We will need the following information and materials form you:
1. Existing website details
2. Existing website URL, Backend access etc.