WooCommerce Implementation/Customization

Service Description

Need help getting WooCommerce set up and working properly? We've got you covered.

We cover everything from setting up WooCommerce within your WordPress site to building out product categories to getting the right extensions and plugins that your site needs to further enhance your customers' WooCommerce experience.

We can also help showcase your WooCommerce products throughout your website and customize the appearance of your store.

Briefing Details

We need the following:

1. A link to your site right now
2. Your email address to get the login info to edit your site
3. Depending on what you want us to do exactly, we'll need a list of your products, categories, prices and shipping options.
4. The overall aesthetic that you want your shop to have.
5. Anything else, we'll email you about.

*Please note, this does not include adding your products - we'll get a few in there to model and test, and then put together a workflow for you.