WordPress WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads with Payment Gateway Integration

Service Description

So you have a Product that you wants to sell online?
Yes, it can be a Physical product or a Downloadable item or a completely Virtual product or just your Services.
It simply doesn’t matter in 2018!

WordPress + WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads has made it possible to sell almost anything over Internet.

Don’t let your Inner fear spoil your plan to step up in an eCommerce Business.
Let us help you to get started with WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads hassle free…!

We strongly believe, you had already purchased a WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads compatible theme & installed it on server. (Not yet? Don’t worry, We’ll help you.. Just ask...)

Now, Lets get the foundation right with..

- Installation of Latest WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads Plugin to your Existing WordPress setup.
- Then, we’ll make sure “WP Memory Limit” is close to Recommended Value (If it’s below recommended values, we need access to your FTP)
- Forcing SSL (only if it’s already installed on Hosting server)
- Addition of Most important pages like..
-- Shop
-- Cart
-- Checkout
-- My Account

Now the Foundation is well set, lets work on the WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads settings & adding up products categories...

- Configuration of Basic WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads Settings under (General, Checkout & Accounts)
- Configuration of 2 Payment Gateways i.e. PayPal & COD. (Have other gateway? Choose One of our EXTRAS below)
- Addition of 2 Product Category setup
- Addition of 2 Product Attribute setup

NOTE: Due to the complexity of its Nature, we won't be able to setup Shipping & Taxes within the scope of this service, you can opt for EXTRAS below (if needed).

That’s enough to get started..
Now feel blessed and take the driver’s seat!

All our Jobs comes with Friendly support & guidance, so feel free to ask any questions (related to job).

Want us to do more? Let us know your requirements via Enquiries & we’ll propose a custom job for you!
Looking forward to collaborate on your most desired web project!

Need More Work or Customization?

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Briefing Details

In order to get started, here's what I need:

1) Your Sweet Name with location & gender info (we also use these details for our company billing system)
2) Domain Name for your eCommerce site (We’ll also love to know your Business Name)
3) WooCommerce/ Easy Digital Downloads compatible Theme Name (Just to do some research before we get started)
3) Administrator access to WordPress back-end (Must)
4) cPanel account details (If required)
5) FTP account details (If required)
6) Answer to following questions:
-- Business Location
-- Selling Locations (Is it country specific or worldwide?)
-- Preferred Currency (subject to WooCommerce compatibility)
-- Product type? (Physical / Downloads / Virtual)
-- Do you wants to allow guest checkouts? (Yes/ No)
-- Accepting Coupons? (Yes/ No)
-- Should we Enable “Ratings on Product Reviews”? (Yes/ No)

All these information will benefit both of us to get the Job done quick & in Timely manner!
We may ask further questions based on the requirements of the job.
Quick communication is always appreciated.