WPML Configuration file creation

Service Description

Internationalisation of a WordPress theme is step one towards the use on other languages than English.

If your theme* uses theme options galore *and* you want it to be 100% WPML compatible, the theme needs a WPML Configuration file (wpml-config.xml).

Now of course you can figure out by yourself how to make such a file, but we can save you a lot of time as we have built many of such files in our years as WPML Specialist.

* This service is mainly targeted towards WordPress theme developers, but if you have bought a theme with many theme options that don't seem to work with WPML installed, then we can help you too!

Briefing Details

Preferably you send us screenshots of your theme options pages and a list of theme options that need to become WPML Compatible.
Then naturally we also need the file(s) where the theme options are registered.