WordPress Customization: Branding, Content Setup, Plugin Installation

Service Description

Your WordPress Installation is ready but you still need to get your site customized so it's ready to go live? Are you still having trouble figuring out how to add your content and changing the settings? This is the listing for you.

Here's what this package includes.

- Content setup (up to 20 pages and 40 images).
- Branding setup. Change of colors, fonts and backgrounds to fit your brand.
- Settings optimization to fit the need of your site.
- Plugin installation and configuration.
- Navigation menus configuration
- Widget configuration
- One on one support. If you have any doubts on how to approach a problem with your site, ask away and I will advice you.

Please note that you must already have your text and images ready. This listing does not include content writing or image editing.

Also, you must already have a working WordPress installation with the theme installed. If you don't already have that, please see this listing first:


Briefing Details

Please provide the following:

- Address and login credentials to the site's wp-admin.
- A very detailed brief of what you need. Please be as explicit as possible. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for me to get the project done exactly the way you want it. Tell me about your brand's colors, what kind of style are you looking for, how the content will be organized, etc.
- Attach a zip file with all your text (preferably plain .txt files) and images. Please name the files descriptively and if possible include a document explaining where each goes.
- (optional) Attach the plugins you want to install.
- (optional) If you haven't setup your theme's demo data and your theme doesn't include an automatic demo installer, please send the demo data as well (or include the whole theme if you don't know where it is).

In some cases it is possible I will need FTP access to the site. This most likely won't be the case, but if you have them ready, include the login credentials as well, specially if you will require plugin installations.