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100x WooCommerce professional product entry with a smile. Images resized, full product descriptions

Service Description

I will professionally populate your WooCommerce Store. From a simple product list, I will polish your WooCommrce store to the following standard:

1) Product Title
2) Product Category
3) Appropriately size and consistent product images
4) Short description and item details (i.e dimensions, weight if available on Amazon.
5) Amazon Product Price (Can be easily updated later)
6) Amazon Customer reviews (If applicable)

All done with a smile from a FULL-TIME WP developer, based in Hull, UK.

*Additional product entries can ordered though a custom project if needed :)

Briefing Details

You will need to provide the following:

1) Admin username and password for WordPress site (or create a new account for me with admin privileges for me)

2) Provide a numbered list of products (i.e No.1 "10T APACHE 600+ – 12 PERSON TEEPEE TENT")

3) Sit back and relax as I update your WordPress site remotely, with full product details, correctly sized images and Amazon user reviews (if applicable)