No-Hassle WordPress Website Migration

Service Description

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******************** NO-HASSLE WORDPRESS MIGRATION ********************

We offer no-hassle WordPress migration services to help you move your WordPress site to a new host or to a new domain. Here are a few of the cases where you might want to hire a company to move your WordPress site.

1. Moving your WordPress site to a new hosting provider

If you are switching to a new website host, you’ll need to migrate your WordPress website to the new hosting provider. We can help move your site to your new host.

2. Changing the domain name for your WordPress site

If you’re moving your WordPress website to a new domain, we can help. Changing domain names is a simple process, but you may need some help to make the switch. We can help.

»»» Moving your WordPress site can be hard. We’ve got the chops to handle it. »»»

We’re a professional web design and optimization company with a passion for helping ordinary folks build extraordinary websites. We offer WordPress migration services to help you move your site from one host or domain to another because, let’s face it, It can be a challenge.

With hundreds of migrations under our belt, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Don’t hire a “fly by night” computer geek to move the site that you’ve worked hard to build. Leave it to the pros.

Need another platform other than WordPress migrated? We can do that also.

Briefing Details

We will require the following:

1. Full Access to Your Current Hosting Control Panel or SSH incase of no control panel
2. Wordpress Admin Login Details
3. Full Access to Your New Hosting.

Please don't make any DNS changes beforehand. I will let you know when to and how to do it to minimize downtime while DNS Propagation.

Please also let me know in the job if there is additional things to migrate like some extra folders, emails etc.