Integrate GoCardless with WordPress

Service Description

Configure your website to accept payments via the GoCardless payment system. GoCardless is a direct debit payment system which charges low fees (currently a maximum of 1%).

We can configure your WordPress website to accept either:

one-off bill payments via GoCardless; or

regular subscriptions with a defined interval (e.g. a regular monthly payment); or

pre-authorized payments (which enable you to take variable payments from your customer's bank account providing they have authorised this).

We will set everything up for you, make sure it's secure and put a link on your website so that your customers can fill in their bank details and authorise you to take payments.

GoCardless is currently available for payments from the United Kingdom and the Eurozone.

Briefing Details

You will need a UK or Euro bank account so that you can accept payments from GoCardless. You need to sign up for an account with GoCardless. Please provide us with details of how you would like the payment process to work on your website.