WPML Installation & Set Up

Service Description

WPML is THE plugin to make your site 100% bi/multilingual. It is however not a typical plug 'n play plugin, instead it needs a bit of effort and knowledge to properly set up.

With many years experience working exclusively with WPML we can help you.

During the WPML Installation & Set up we will set up the WPML plugin on your site for the languages of your choice.

We will add the language switcher to one of the default locations.

Once WPML has been properly installed and setup you can start adding translations of your existing content.

Extras (to make your life easier):

1) We can take care of the content duplication* for you. You will find it much easier to translate the Pages, Posts and other post_types of your site when everything already has been duplicated.

2) Once all content has been duplicated we can also duplicate all navigation menus for you, which means that once you have translated the content, your site is immediately ready for live visits in all languages.

3) If you don't like the standard location of the languages switcher (navigation menu or sidebar) or the format or style of it, we can build a custom language switcher for you.

4) Last but not least we can check whether the combination of your theme and your plugins are a good environment for WPML to function in and whether there are any bumps on the road towards a truly multilingual website. This WPML Environment Check includes a Report with an estimate** in case we discover something that needs to be changed.

* content duplication means that we duplicate the default language to the secondary language(s). It does NOT mean adding translations. If you want, we can of course assist you adding translations; as that depends per project we will bill separate for that. As an indication our minimum charge is USD 50 per page per language.

** to be clear: the additional work we propose in the estimate is not included in the price for the WPML Installation & Set Up or the WPML Environment Check.


Briefing Details

To be able to get started we need to know/receive the following:
1. your site URL
2. the default language
3. the additional language(s)
4. which language URL format
5. location of standard language switcher (nav menu or sidebar widget)
6. admin login details (please make separate account with username of "bhiconsulting")
7. FTP details *
8. any specifics you can think of (whether custom post types/taxonomies need to become translated, etc.)

* some hosts whitelist certain IP addresses for FTP access, but we don't have a static IP address. If your host cannot disable the whitelist feature, I'm afraid we cannot help you.