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WordPress Theme Customization

Service Description

We can customize your WordPress theme to incorporate your needs and ideas. We will be using a child theme to ensure that modifications are not lost when you update your theme.

Our service includes:

- Child theme creation (if needed)
- Logo setup
- Layout modification
- Menu customization
- Custom plugin installs
- Custom widgets
- SEO optimization
- Linking your site to Google Webmasters Tools
- CSS Customization (Change colors, fonts, etc.)

If you have additional requests, please submit an enquiry prior to making your purchase and we will discuss your requirements.


Briefing Details

Please provide a detailed description of all requirements, including needs, goals and ideas. Try to be as descriptive as possible, as this will be used as a reference during the job.

Additional Requirements:

- A *.psd version of the logo (if exists)
- WordPress login (username + password)
- cPanel (hosting) access
- FTP access
- Delivery time-frame