Transfer-Migration-Cloning-Backup of WordPress Website

Service Description

Transfer, Migrate, Clone or Back-up your entire WordPress Website with this service now.
You can move your website from a domain to another or from sub-domain/sub-directory/server to another or have a complete website backup of your website.

The job is delivered as fast as possible, sometimes it takes a couple of hours and sometime more, depending on the requests/server configuration/domain-transfer and others.

This service has a define scope and for any other/extra requests we can open a custom job where we can agree on specific terms, delivery time and price.

Briefing Details

In order to deliver the job I need the info for:
1.WordPress Dashboard access (www.yourndomain/wp-admin - Username&Password)
2.Hosting account or cPanel(www.yourdomain/cpanel - Username&Password) details
3*.Domain Control Panel(Address:... - Username&Password) - I need this info only if a domain transfer is needed - a domain transfer could take up to 24-48h to complete.