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Service Description

This pack is all you need!
It includes all of this for the same cost:

- Theme and demo content installation
- Customized design
- 6 pages of real content
- Free Hosting for 2 months
- 5 stock images
- Animated slider
- Gallery
- Performance and security improvements

Pack Details:

..:: Theme And Demo Content Installation ::..
Demo-content based design will ensure your final website results with a very professional look.

..:: Customized Design ::..
We'll design your site based on your brand, so every single detail will be customized just and exclusively for you.

..:: 6 Pages Of Real Content ::..
No, we don't charge extra costs for adding your content.
This 6 pages includes home page with a slider and a contact page with contact form + google map location.

..:: Free Hosting ::..
This feature it's in the case to want it, is not mandatory.
Service in one of the best global providers
Only for the first 2 months
Hosting setup at no extra cost
Hosting with unlimited space
5 email accounts (@yourdomain)

After this two months, if you like our service you can stay with us with one of our plans.
1 month plan
6 months plan
12 months plan
24 months plan

All of our plans have lower costs than the provider's website.

If you don't like our service we'll provide a full backup of your website, so you can migrate your site to the host provider of your choice easily.

..:: 5 Stock Images ::..
As digital services provider, we have access to 20 million stock images in hi resolution. You can choose 5 images for your website totally free.

..:: Animated Slider ::..
A fully animated slider with 5 slides to show your best products/services or wherever you like.

..:: Gallery ::..
This gallery can be placed in one page, containing 50 images max.

..:: Performance And Security Improvements ::..
Database optimization, will improve website performance.
Our security standards will reduce 85% hacking risk.

We'll be happy to make your project come true!


Briefing Details

- Theme in a zip/rar file
- Logo + Branding manual (in case you have it)
- All your Real content in a text file (.xdoc or .pages)
- For free hosting, you must have already a domain. In case you don't need/want our hosting service, we need an administrator Wordpress access + FTP access.
- Stock images. Files IDs you choose from our provider. Provider's link will be send after you order or service.
- Animated slider. Text file indicating how must be every slide + images in a zip/rar file with a horizontal/panorama aspect (500px height at least).
- Gallery. All images in a zip/rar file with the better possible resolution, (higher than 800x600px)

Additional Notes:

+ Websites URLs as reference, many times help to transmit an idea of what you want and make all the process faster.

+ Please be short and clear on any additional instructions.